About Me

Hello! I’m Bailey, or ItsHexical. I’m a 21 year old living in Michigan. I have a huge passion for all things tech, especially things surrounding keyboards, PC Gaming, and 3D Printing. I have been in these hobbies for years and have loved all the communities I’ve come across from it.

I started creating content surrounding my hobbies a little over 4 months ago, and don’t plan on stopping. My girlfriend encouraged me to start making content because I had such a unique setup, and had a ton of ideas that she felt needed to get out there. So here I am, making content and enjoying every minute of it!

YouTube Channel

My YouTube Channel is my primary focus on content, and where I upload my highest quality content for my followers to enjoy. I do various things surrounding tech, including reviews of tech products, keyboard build videos, keyboard modding tutorial videos, and my YT shorts which is quick under 60 second content that people can consume easily on the side.

I pride myself in my YT content, and it's the content I have the most fun doing - although the work is much harder. I also will sometimes do live builds and other things here.

TikTok Profile (17.2K Followers)

TikTok is the platform I started everything on. I consistently post 2-3 times perday, and it is probably one of my most active platforms because of how short the videos can be. My content surrounds the same thing as my YouTube does, albeit the quality is a bit lower since its all shot and edited on my phone. These videos do quite well though, and have shown to be quite popular.

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