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Setup & PC TIPS

A compilation of all my tips I’ve given for PC’s & Setups with links if given!

Steam Game Covers


Setting Game Covers Manually

  • Search Up Game on SteamGridDB
  • Download Cover
  • Right Click Game on Steam
  • Click “Set Game Cover”
  • Locate Game Cover Downloaded & Select
  • All Done!

Using Google Drive To Set Up Multiple

  • Go to Game Covers Zip Link
  • Download Images as Zip
  • Locate Steam Install Folder
  • Go to /userdata/randomnumbers/config/grid
    • If Grid folder isn’t there, create it
  • Unzip Images Into Folder
  • Restart Steam
  • All Done!


Modern File Manager



  • Download From Windows Store
  • Open File Manager
  • Open Settings (Top Right)
  • Go to Advanced Tab
  • Set as Default Manager